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Friday, July 15, 2011

What is recovery?

I found this cool page on the DBSA website.
 "Relief of symptoms is only the first step in treating depression or bipolar disorder. The goal of your treatment is wellness and recovery---a return to a life that is meaningful to you. Recovery happens when your illness stops getting in the way of your life."

I love anything that encourages me to set and write down goals. I also love the word "recovery". It gives me a sense of hope. Hope that, while having this "thing" in my life wasn't planned for, I can follow my dreams and still live the life I have always wanted. IT doesn't define ME.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. We've found that when things happen to Jim or he does something out of character, it is the illness talking--not him. I've even seen the medication talk and have to overlook something that happened. This part of your blog will help both of us.