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Sunday, July 3, 2011

What do these people have in common?


Buzz Aldrin

Carey Grant

Isaac Newton

Abraham Lincoln

Marilynn Monroe

Mark Twain


Napoleon Bonaparte

Edgar Allen Poe

Theodore Roosevelt

Tim Burton

Vincent Van Gogh

Winston Churchill

Take a good look at the people in this post. What do they all have in common? They are a handful of people who suffer(ed) from some form of Bipolar Disorder. There are astronauts, artists, philosophers, writers, politicians, Presidents, actors, and, well, one familiar face to many of you......ME! More on that later. I looked up famous people with the disease to feel less alone and felt it important to share.


Ben said...

Leesa! This is effing wonderful! An inspiration! Do you mind if I share this with clients and what not?

Way to go! So impressed! Its a big deal to stare at this stuff, acknowledge it, own it, then rock it! (I'm serious.)

Three cheers for you and your cute family!

-Nerdy Psychologist Friend Ben

The Bollinger Family said...

Ben! That is a huge compliment coming from you dude! Share away. That is what this whole blog diggity is for.
Nerdy Psychologically Unstable Friend Leesa

Ben said...

Stability is an illusion in a world that's constantly moving.

Emilee said...

I love your blog Leesa! There are too many people suffering alone. To have anyone to relate to could benefit many. I can't imagine how hard your decision to share this so publicly was but for what it's worth I think you're pretty amazing or doing so!

Melinda said...

Leesa, I know several people with who suffer from this. Some have a really hard time staying on their meds, then they have major problems. Most of them are doing great. But, wow, losing friends because of this? That is just sad for those friends.

Sam's family (uncles, siblings, etc.) has a history of things like depression or anxiety or bipolar. Many of his siblings take medicine. It is hard sometimes because it is "in your head". One of them was even told once (by a bishop) that they just needed to exercise more. I guess many people don't understand this type of medical issue.