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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Holiday/ Post Vaca Blues

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as my family and I did!!!
The parties are over, the gifts have been unwrapped, the Christmas cards have been sent, the delectable treats you consumed in volume are sitting comfortably around your waistline and now you are left with the aftermath. There are decorations to put away, a tree to take down, a cold winter to prepare for and everyone is too partied out to get together. Well, for me, add coming home from vacation into the mix!!!
We were lucky enough to go on a cruise with Mike's ENTIRE family for Christmas and had such a fantastic time that I am now finding myself a little depressed to go back to "normal" life. From the moment I stepped off the ship I felt my heart sink. I thought to myself, "of course you are sad! You haven't had to prepare a meal in over a week. You have spent the last eight days with cousins you love. You have watched your kids engulfed in Disney magic. You have seen and felt the warmth of the sun in December!" I assumed the feelings of sadness would dissipate as I got back into my usual routine.
We have barely been home 24 hours so maybe I should cut myself some slack, but I am still totally depressed! I can't seem to find the energy to unpack seven suitcases and do laundry. Looking at the tree makes me even more frustrated. Why didn't I take it down before we left? The thought of taking down Christmas adds to my despair. Now, I am being purposefully dramatic. lol
Is it post holiday blues or post vacation sadness? Or BOTH? Are you all feeling a little down these days? I think there is so much hype surrounding Christmas we get on the holiday adrenaline train and once it's over we are left emotionally and physically exhausted!
Most of my posts deal with mania because rarely do I find myself on the depressed side of the bipolar spectrum. Furthermore, I am not clinically depressed as of late, I am just finding the lingering days of 2011 to be a bit dismal.
I wonder if my insurance would cover another cruise to banish my depression? What do you think?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ask away......

I recently had a friend ask me some questions about my experiences dealing with bipolar. I was glad he shared an interest and hopefully I was able to shed some insight. I am still learning about the illness myself and how it all effects my quality of life. That said, if you ever have questions, please ask.
 The reason I decided to tell my story was to create awareness. It is helpful to know what people want to know and how they view mental illness. I am not offended if people are put off by who I am or with what I am going through. I am who I am and unfortunately there is no cure for Bipolar. At least not yet. lol I have my fingers crossed. I am grateful for my good times and empowered by overcoming the bad ones.
 I know many people suffer in silence. I have experienced first hand the loss of relationships due in some part to what I am. I assume any of you reading this are not of that company. Whether it is concern for my well-being or simply curiosity, I appreciate your support. That is why I am MORE than happy to answer questions. Your inquiries give me percipience into how to further my cause.

Christmas Group Therapy

My cute neighbor sent me this and I think it is hilarious. What good is having a mental illness if you can't laugh about it?