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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ask away......

I recently had a friend ask me some questions about my experiences dealing with bipolar. I was glad he shared an interest and hopefully I was able to shed some insight. I am still learning about the illness myself and how it all effects my quality of life. That said, if you ever have questions, please ask.
 The reason I decided to tell my story was to create awareness. It is helpful to know what people want to know and how they view mental illness. I am not offended if people are put off by who I am or with what I am going through. I am who I am and unfortunately there is no cure for Bipolar. At least not yet. lol I have my fingers crossed. I am grateful for my good times and empowered by overcoming the bad ones.
 I know many people suffer in silence. I have experienced first hand the loss of relationships due in some part to what I am. I assume any of you reading this are not of that company. Whether it is concern for my well-being or simply curiosity, I appreciate your support. That is why I am MORE than happy to answer questions. Your inquiries give me percipience into how to further my cause.


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Ummm.....what does percipience mean? And have I just totally outed myself as an idiot?! You don't have to answer the second question. Sadly, I already know the answer....**sigh**

The Bollinger Family said...

It is basically a fancy way of saying insight. You are no idiot. I am simply a huge nerd.