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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The stigma

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar back in 2009 it was like a wave washing over me. I FINALLY knew why I was the way I was. I FINALLY had an answer as to why I could go 10 days with no sleep and still function. But, no matter how good I felt having a diagnosis, I was worried about the stigma. I had always thought of bipolar people as being a little nutty, so if you feel the same way don't feel bad. I am a little nutty. LOL
Turns out I was on the wrong meds and had been given the wrong bipolar diagnosis but that is a WHOLE other scary story for a later post.
Bipolar is a chronic illness. I will have to take medication for the rest of my life and keep a constant sleep journal to assure my symptoms are at bay. It is hard because if I had diabetes people would sympathize, but because I have mental illness people want to stay away. Maybe it's all in my head. So far, I haven't lost any friendships due to this.
I can function just fine. I can work, I am an awesome mom and wife (well I do my best), I have supportive and awesome friends who have been nothing but there for me since I told them. The purpose of the is blog is to educate all of us as to what the disease is, how to live with/support someone with the disorder, and to support others who are suffering as well. I am really putting myself out there but I figure f I can help educate one person to get help, or allow one person not to feel alone in this, throwing out my pride will be worth it.


Mike Bollinger said...

Proud of you Babe, I know that wasn't easy.

Mike Bollinger said...

oh, and you are an awesome mom and wife :-)

Teresa Stevenson said...

I am proud of you as well. This is a great blog to talk about your life and everything that happens. As well as a great way to inform poeple and to help them understand. You are a brave and wonderful woman. I love you dearly!

The Bollinger Family said...

Thanks guys! I feel like I am coming out of the closet and it is good to know I have support from those closest to me.

Bubba said...

I think it's great you're tackling this head-on! You have nothing to be ashamed about and we love you very much!