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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bipolar Facebook?

I am so excited! After hours of searching for a good chat/support group I stumbled into the Bipolar version of Facebook!!! Actually they have support groups for anything from medical problems to raising children. I joined MD Junction only last night and have already shared bipolar jokes with a lady in Florida, gotten answers to some questions from a lady in Canada and gotten "hugged" (better than "poked") by a girl in California. No one knows how deep the rabbit hole goes in the mind of someone struggling with BP and thus, there are things only a person with BP can understand.
I try to "fake it" every day because I have come to the realization people only want to be around when you are at your best. I am pretty good at putting on a front by taking on more than I can handle such as coaching soccer, being in charge of a huge church activity, planning a birthday party for my favorite 5 year old, putting in extra hours at work etc......but sometimes I need to just tell someone I feel like crap and have them understand without judgement. Now I have an answer. YAY!!!!

Totally unrelated....GO UTES!!! Saturday's game was enough to turn any frown upside down. Well, unless you are a BYU fan. You are probably  feeling a little extra blue these days. But I still love all my Y friends. I actually wish it had been a better game.

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Mike Bollinger said...

It is tough not being able to completely understand, but through these posts, I feel like I learn a little more with each post. And I am here for you. I know there are others who care too.